All rooms have private bath with hot water, closet, reading / calm area, work table, free Wi-Fi, cable TV and fan.
aaaP1390332    P1390349    P1390317    Mesa_Armar_Aban    Sillon
With access from the porch and windows with exterior views. A double curtain filters the sunlight during the day and it allows you to darken the room whenever you want.
aaaP1390416   Mesa trabj   P1390354   P1390356

Each room is named after a Nicaraguan mountain formation.aaaaaaaa
Nombre habit
Rooms have a versatile use. Most of them allow changes in arrangement of furniture enabling use in various formats:aaaaaaaaaa
  • Matrimonial room
  • Double room with two single beds
  • Single room
  • Triple room
  • Groups room (four / five people)

One room is equipped for people with reduced mobility.

Double room

25 $USD / person / night

Two individual beds. Complimentary breakfast.

Single room

31 $USD / person / night

Complimentary breakfast.

Room equipped for people with reduced mobility

Price: based on the number of people that occupy it

Large room. Spacious bathroom with protective bars and to grab. When the room is occupied by three or more persons, breakfast is not included.

Triple room

20 $USD / person / night

Three single beds. Breakfast is not included.

Groups room

Price: based on the number of people that occupy it

Four or five beds. Breakfast is not included

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