Rooms with private bathroom, hot water, work table, Free WiFi, cable TV, fan.

You can see features, prices and to make your reservation going to ROOMS


Ensalada fruta        Breakfast is served from 8 am.

If you want to be served breakfast before 8am, ask for in the front desk. We will study the possibilities to consider your application. Good sure, we will find together the best solution for you.

Coffee shop, Garden & the other outdoor spaces

Enjoy your spare time/rest, meet friends or family, do your tasks or connect to the web at the coffee shop, garden and the outdoor spaces.

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Play & exchange areas

We have spaces ready for children to share –together with family and friends– plays, stories, painting, music, theater, creativity, conversation, delusions, regards, smiles, happiness, affections, complicities,…
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Performances, workshops, cineforums,…

Join proposed activities organized by Casa Vínculos: workshops, bull sessions, performances, concerts, showings, chats, cineforums…
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Educational Resources & Pedagogical Support

“Vínculos Estelí” Foundation which is headquartered in the Casa Vínculos has an educational resource pool –plays, games, story books, song books, arts materials and instruments, scientific experimentation materials and instruments and other devices and gadgets– to pedagogical activity in the schools and socio-educational centers.

“Vínculos Estelí” brings support to educational teams in deliberation on own practice on their activity with children, family and community. Likewise impels, supports and participates in initiatives and activities of educational innovation in school, family and communal contexts. You can see some of their activities in the Vínculos Estelí Blog.

Your events

Do you need a place and services for your events?

In addition to the coffee shop and outdoors spaces, we have a meeting room for family, social, professional or community activities: conferences, workshops, seminars, gatherings. It is equipped with worktables, chairs, fans, whiteboard and projection screen. We can provide datashow.

If you wish to contract the lounge for your activities or the coffee shop and the outdoor spaces for your celebrations please contact us.



Free parking in a private area adjacent to the site


Free Wi-Fi

You can connect to the web for free anywhere in the premises.


Nicaraguan crafts shop

Artesanias    On our shop you will find crafts from around the country gathered in one place. Our history, tradition, folklore, creativity and ingenuity fused in items made by prodigious skilled craftsmen.



Entrust us washing and ironing your clothes.



If necessary, we can store your luggage for a few hours or a few days.


Front Desk

At the front desk you can make arrangements related to accommodation, services, obtain general information, solve doubts.

There you can also buy Nicaraguan handcrafts.

Hours of operation are from 8 am to 9 pm, every day.
If you come across anything unexpected after hours, the evening guard will gladly assist you.

If you anticipate that your arrival time at the hotel will be after service hours let us know by phone or by email so that we leave the necessary information for the night guard to assist you as you deserved.


Your feedback

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