We welcome you to Casa Vínculos in Estelí (Nicaragua)

Located near downtown Estelí, Casa Vínculos is a hotel/coffee. It is also a place to share plays, activities and relationships with family and friends

Casa Vínculos provide quiet and pleasant spaces for meetings, celebrations and recreational and professional travel.

It is an initiative of Vínculos Estelí Foundation in order to provide environments, activities and quality products and at the same time to contribute to the economic sustainability of their educational and social projects which aim to promote and support quality contexts for Nicaraguan children.

The team of professionals who take care of the Casa Vínculos operations will treat you with kindness, discretion and professionalism.

People in Estelí are friendly and hospitable and will contribute to make your stay in the city and surroundings a pleasant one.

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Estelí, popularly called the Diamond of Segovias, is a dynamic and entrepreneurial city that offers its visitors a variety of services and attractions.

In the vicinity of Estelí and in the rest of Nicaragua you will find great places to visit, discovering, living and sharing experiences that suit your taste, preferences and interests.
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In Estelí, 840 meters above sea level

In Estelí, 840 meters above sea level in a valley surrounded by mountains in the north-central part of Nicaragua, you can enjoy a cool subtropical climate.
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When you stay at our hotel, enjoy our dishes and some quiet time in our coffee shop, you participate in activities and/or you use other services of Casa Vínculos, the profits are for educational and community projects initiated and/or supported by  “Vínculos Estelí” Foundation

Thanks! Being a partner in achieving our dreams!

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